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Player’s Network, Inc. (Stock Symbol: PNTV) is a publicly traded diversified holding company operating in Marijuana + Media.

This page is intended for Investment Professional to learn more about Player’s Network, Inc.

We understand what it is like to take responsibility for investors capital, we proudly have over 6,000 shareholders and growing! Many people are excited about the marijuana industry and the potential upside for investors. The main issue that investment professionals are faced with is knowing where to allocate funds and which companies to invest in. We feel PNTV will fit in everyone’s portfolio. By adding PNTV to your portfolio, taking a position in your fund or your client’s portfolio, you are investing in a fully diversified holding company with investments in multiple areas of the marijuana industry. We have been fully reporting for over 23 years, we are traded on the OTCQB and we have a seasoned management team. We believe in transparency and you will see few companies as active with their shareholder base as PNTV.

PNTV, through its holdings, has mitigated risk to our investors by diversifying in not only the production and growing of cannabis products, but also is heavily involved in media and recently launched an accelerator to invest in additional marijuana media and technology ventures.

With over 6,000+ Shareholders and growing, PNTV is one of the fastest growing public companies in the marijuana industry. We are the only truly diversified marijuana company. Many Shareholders have invested in us because you get the benefit of investing in 4 companies (see profiles of holdings below) in the marijuana industry ranging from Growing to Media to Investments! We are 1 of only 3 companies that actually touch the plant! There are no other opportunities like ours. We encourage you to learn more About Us and become a shareholder today.

We recently released a new guided video tour called “A Glimpse into Green Leaf.” This video tour provides an unprecedented inside look in an actual operational, state of the art marijuana Cultivation and Production Facility called Green Leaf Farms. PNTV owns approx. 89% of Green Leaf Farms which has both Medical and Recreational Licenses in located in Las Vegas, NV.

Please click on the image below to view our full video “A Glimpse into Green Leaf.”

Corporate Overview (our story):

Player’s Network (PNTV) is not a name not typically associated with marijuana companies, so only a few investors have identified us as being in the booming marijuana space. Our average daily liquidity has increased over 730% since the beginning of this year to over *$490,000 in average daily liquidity!

We feel PNTV presents a tremendous opportunity for investors looking for solid companies to invest in. We are fully diversified across multiple areas of the marijuana industry from Cultivation and Production through our subsidiary Green Leaf Farms to Media with WeedTV and Investments through Marijuana Accelerator.

Over the last few years, we have been working tirelessly to develop revenue-generating businesses in the marijuana industry and we have officially launched! In addition, PNTV is one of the few public companies which actually touch the plant itself.

We have a fantastic story and an exciting opportunity to share with our investors and we encourage you to learn more.

Player’s Network, Inc. is traded on the OTCQB exchange under the symbol PNTV  and has been a fully reporting publicly traded company since 1998. PNTV’s primary objective is to create long-term shareholder value by identifying opportunities in underserved and niche emerging markets whose growth potential is significant and likely underappreciated.
        *As of June 22, 2017

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Player's Network Inc.
1771 E Flamingo Road
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Las Vegas NV 89119

Phone: 702.840.3270


Player’s Network, Inc.

Player’s Network, Inc. (PNVT) is a fully reporting publicly traded diversified holding company who operates in two main areas; Media + Marijuana. PNTV’s primary objective is to create shareholder value by identifying opportunities in niche emerging markets.

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Player's Network, Inc.
Stock Symbol: PNTV
1771 E. Flamingo Road
Phone: 844.311.PNTV (7688)